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Picture Books

Picture Books

Picture Books

The Hole Story 

When a budding young astronomer discovers a black hole churning in her desk, she must embark on a reality-bending journey to better understand her galactic guest.

The Ultimate Guide to Not Going to Bed  

Want to stay up past bedtime? Then this is your ultimate guide. In three easy payments of string cheese, two packs of gum, and a yo-yo, you’ll get step-by-step instructions for avoiding the snooze blues. So get it before it disappears like candy at a playdate.

Gork & Munro

When a cave boy wanting a woolly mammoth ends up caught by a woolly mammoth wanting a cave boy, they both learn that ownership is not the same as friendship. 

Bob the Clam  

A shy girl meets Bob the Clam at the beach and takes him to school. Sure, Bob’s a bit prone to blurting out snarky things, but he’s great at speaking up. But when Bob’s outspokenness gets her into trouble, she must decide: Let Bob speak for her, or find her own voice. 

Designs by Fiona

When a young architect designs a new house with a three-story slide, lazy river and no kitchen, everyone's a critic. But when she finally reveals her design, it becomes apparent: sometimes "normal" is in the eye of the beholder. 

Also "under construction"

  • Felix McFarkle: Reporting Live
  • Sheldon
  • If You Weren't My Mother
  • The Swan Salon
  • Love Can Travel


Chapter Books

Picture Books

Picture Books


Maisie doesn't mean to cause problems. It's just that sometimes her thought bubble bursts and leaks into her speech bubble. But when she requests a big birthday bash, her parents make it clear: she must first 'get it together' in the behavior department. That's difficult when trouble follows you everywhere. 



Picture Books


There's No Crying in Baseball: Growing Up in America's Pastime

This family memoir tells the story of my father's career in Major League Baseball—and how it shaped our family. 

I lived every warm-blooded American kid’s dream: stadiums instead of swing sets, batting lessons with baseball greats, terrorizing spring training with fellow ‘baseball brats.’ But like many dreams, there’s fantasy, and then there’s reality. 

By the time I entered seventh grade, I’d attended seven different schools and my mother had put a house back on the market mere hours after its closing. And, while seeing the Oakland A’s through three consecutive World Series wins, my father had been fired and ‘unfired’ by the team’s owner four times—once over his refusal to ride in the back of a garbage truck. He’d also been part of a clandestine vote that he believes—had smartphones been invented in the mid-70s—would have changed National League Baseball forever.

I can say this about my childhood: had reality shows been around back then, my father’s on-the-job experiences, combined with our—and this is putting it nicely—wacky home life, would have made for some serious entertainment. But despite being interviewed for numerous books, articles and television clips, my ever-reticent father has kept most of these stories to himself. Until now. 

There’s No Crying in Baseball offers a glimpse into a side of America’s pastime you just won’t find elsewhere. But it’s more than that too. It’s about a family struggling against the backdrop of a sport experiencing the seismic shifts of salary arbitration, free agency and the Messersmith/McNally decision. It’s about very public failures, outrageous antics, debilitating depression, a marriage made in hell, and growing up a ‘vagabond child.’ 

It’s also pretty damn funny.